Happy Birthday, Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

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Photo of Patricia Kennealy-Morrison’s book by G.

Strange Days

Strange Days by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

Birthday greetings go out to Patricia Kennealy-Morrison who celebrates her special day on March 4.  Patricia has lived the life that many of us have all wanted to live.  She was a successful music critic in the golden age of Rock and Roll – the era that saw the debut of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the psychedelic Beatles and of course, The Doors.  One thing led to another and Patricia and The Doors’ lead singer Jim Morrison got handfasted (the Wiccan equivalent of marriage).  Patricia chronicles these amazing adventures in her book Strange Days – My Life With and Without Jim Morrison.  After Jim’s death, Patricia Kennealy-Morrison has gone on to write many successful sci-fi/fantasy and mystery novels, including the eight volume series, The Keltiad, which is about Celtic legends in outer space as well as the Rennie Stride Mysteries.  She has been knighted as a Dame Templar at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and writes a popular blog called Mrs. Morrison’s Hotel.  Through the magic of the internet, I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with Patricia a little bit and like her books, she’s smart, quick witted and very funny! Keep your fingers crossed that one day soon, you’ll see a photo of Patricia and I in the “Encounters with G” column.  Until then, happy birthday, Patricia!

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