“Walking Through Walls” by Gary Baseman

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Photos by G.  Art by Gary Baseman.

"Walking Through Walls" by Gary Baseman. Now showing at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC through April 2, 2011.

“Walking Through Walls” by Gary Baseman at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York marks the LA-based artist’s first solo show in Manhattan in 6 years!  In the exhibit of new works, Baseman introduces a figure named “Little Miss Boo,” a young girl wearing a homemade ghost costume. Whereas Gary Baseman’s work is usually more upbeat and cheery, “Walking Through Walls” is a bit more somber as an homage to the recent passing of his father.  The paintings are contemplative in nature juxtaposing the concepts of childhood and death.

I attended the opening night gala reception and I got the chance to congratulate Gary Baseman on a really amazing exhibit.   He was very cool.  See a photo of Gary at the opening as well as a partial gallery shot after the jump.   Also spotted in the crowd was the amazing artist Travis Louie.

“Walking Through Walls” by Gary Baseman is now showing at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York through April 2, 2011.   Also in the gallery is another must see exhibit entitled “Strange Wanderings” by Andy Kehoe.  More on that exhibit coming soon.  Stay tuned.   The Jonathan LeVine Gallery is located at 529 West 20th Street #9E in Manhattan.   Don’t miss it!

Partial Gallery View

Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman!

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