An Encounter with Shirley MacLaine

Posted by The G on April 12, 2011 under Encounters with G | 4 Comments to Read

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Shirley MacLaine and Geoffrey Dicker

Shirley MacLaine and Geoffrey Dicker

What can you say about Shirley MacLaine other than the fact she is a living legend.  She sings, she dances, she’s won tons of acting awards, she’s an activist,  her brother is Warren Beatty, she’s a globe trotter and she’s an encyclopedia of spiritual knowledge.  When her 1983 book “Out On A Limb” came out that discussed some of her spiritual beliefs including past lives, she was the butt of every joke imaginable.  I read the book years later after beginning my own spiritual journey and the joke is really on all the people who thought she didn’t know what she’s talking about.  I’m not here to preach to you, but let’s just say that one of the principles that has made her life so fabulous is that she practices what she believes in.  Look where it’s gotten her (please reread the first 2 sentences if you are not a believer).

She was at the 92Y in Manhattan to promote her latest book “I’m Over All That.”  After an hour and a half long conversation (with one of the most idiotic moderators on the planet), she took a few questions from the audience and then announced she’d be signing books after the discussion!  (Side note, guess who was first in line?) The discussion was so fascinating as she talked about some of her loves, some of her movies, some things she was over, some of her beliefs including her thoughts on December 21, 2012.  She does not think it will signal the end of the world, and instead it will be the beginning of a new world.  A global consciousness shift is a’comin’.  I’ve met her before on the West Coast and she’s always a pleasure to be around.  What an inspiration!  Thanks Shirley!

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  • Patsy said,

    What an amazing post team! Thanks for being on the scene for us. You really bring it real. I love Shirley and I love your blog!

  • The G said,

    You are welcome Patsy. Thanks for reading! xo

  • Andrew said,

    Love Shirley!!!!

  • Gail said,

    Great picture!