CNN to Offer George Michael’s Royal Wedding Song

Posted by The G on April 14, 2011 under GNN | 4 Comments to Read

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George Michael

George Michael

Finally!  My beloved George Michael is making headlines for music again!  Last month, he released a cover of New Order’s “True Faith” and donated all the proceeds to charity.  The singer announced via Twitter that he’d be recording a cover song for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.  He asked fans to make song suggestions (and of course, I picked “When 2 R In Love” by Prince – fingers crossed).  The song will be available for download for free on CNN beginning April 15, 2011.  In lieu of paying to download the track, George requests that you make a donation to the Prince William and Kate Middleton Charitable Gift Fund.  You can learn more and make your donation here.

A few other bits of George Michael news revealed over the last few weeks via his Twitter account:

-He’s making a dance album

-He’ll be touring again (though on a smaller scale than his “25 Live Tour.”)

-He used the expression “Cock Piss Bastard.”  (I just had to throw that in, because I’ve been laughing about that one for days!)  Thanks for that George!

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UPDATE:  The song is Stevie Wonder’s “You and I.”  You can download it for a limited time at George Michael’s official website.

Don’t forget to donate!

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  • Julie Munro said,

    He’s a true hero and so kind to give away this for charity again. I love him!

  • The G said,

    I love him too! True talent!!!

  • manny said,

    I love George Michael too.. and his song is good but I found an amazing Royal Wedding Song on youtube… It’s so beautiful. It’s called Real Life Fairy Tale by Kristine Sebastian.

  • Layton Johnston said,

    I’m really happy that George Michael is doing this… he’s not “in it for the money” like so many other musicians. If you’re interested, I actually read a really funny article about wedding songs recently: You might like it!