D1G1TAL: Disapproved by Deitch

Posted by The G on April 21, 2011 under Street Art | Read the First Comment

Photo by G. Art by D1G1TAL.

D1G1TAL disapproved by Deitch

D1G1TAL disapproved by Deitch

I love that street artists are taking the piss out of Museum of Contemporary Art director Jeffrey Deitch.  The former New York gallery owner finally sold his soul to the corporate machine.  There’s a street art retrospective that just opened at MOCA in Los Angeles and there has been controversy surrounding the exhibit since its inception.  Street art around the city of angeles has been marked with a “Disapproved by Deitch” sticker and in this case, the work of D1G1TAL has gotten the seal of disapproval.  Say what you will, I have really liked everything I’ve seen from D1G1TAL on my brief trip to Los Angeles and you’ll definitely be seeing more work from D1G1TAL on a site that approves of his work.

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  • Jonny D1G1TAL said,

    I just saw this post, I fucking love it! Whoever put the sticker up, much love!