Happy Birthday, Smear

Posted by The G on April 23, 2011 under Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photo by G.  Art by Smear.



According2g would like to wish a happy birthday to Los Angeles based street artist Smear.  Recently, the artist was featured in a Los Angeles Times cover story and the next day, his house was searched by authorities.  Obviously art supplies were found (after all, he is an artist) and Smear was arrested.  He’s been sentenced and charged with a $23,000 fine for vandalism.

Whispers in the street art community all seem to agree that these charges are the biggest smear campaign of all and suggest much more is going down behind the scenes than the media wants you to believe.   I can also say, as I’ve said many times, that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, talking with  and hanging out with many street artists and in the experiences I’ve had (with some pretty well known names in the community), these people are treated like criminals and if caught can be thrown in the same prison cell as murderers and yet, the people on Wall Street who’ve raped your bank account and do everything they can to keep the masses enslaved to shitty jobs with crappy pay are allowed to roam the streets freely!  According2g, that is really the crime at hand – so don’t be fooled.

Off my soap box now, and back to the issue at hand – Happy birthday Smear!

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