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Photos courtesy of Bludog10003.



BluDog10003 is a furry, four legged artist that believes sticker bombing is a much more hygienic form of marking his territory than what his instinct dictates.  When I suggested an interview with the reclusive street artist, I thought it might be a bitch to obtain.  It turned out, I was barking up the right tree.  As you will read, your attraction to BluDog10003 will be more than just puppy love.


BluDog / Olek's Crocheted Bike

According2g:  What got you into street art?
BluDog10003: Suburban boredom.  Started tagging as a kid in a town outside Seattle.  [I was] obsessed with NY and graffiti growing up.


BluDog's Where Is WeiWei in Soho

A2G:  Who are your heroes/influences?

BD10003: I will always be a toy compared to anyone on this list.  John Waters, SAMO©, Blek le Rat, Fab 5 Crew, Lady Pink, Lee, Blade, Zephyr, Wish, Ron English, Beau, Faust, Rednose Tazz, Swoon, Fairey, Quel Beast, Army of One, Fairey, Leo & Pipo, Banksy/Mr. Brainwash (yes, I think he is a Banksy prank – the Tony Clifton of street art).  The list grows everyday I walk down the street.


BluScream - SoHo

A2G: Where did the idea of Bludog10003 originate?
BD10003: BluDog10003 started with a friend who asked me to combo up a bathroom in Miami for his art show a few years ago.  His video paintings are all about technology’s influence on art and he wanted a sticker that said that.  The Ron English influence had me looking at logos and I discovered that before it was the RCA trademark it was a painting of a dog listening to his dead master’s voice on a gramophone.  I imagined that dog today and realized he would be shit out of luck because he can’t wear earbuds.  That led to the sticker you see today.  I loved it so much I stole it back from him after the show as my tag. 


Family Business Collection

A2G:  What was the moment you knew you’d arrived in the street scene?
BD1003: It was the first time I saw a skater drop his board and take a pic of my slap with his phone.  Knew I was onto something.


Family Business Combo - Chelsea

A2G: Pick one: Biggie or Tupac? 
BD10003: I can’t answer that one. You’re not gonna pull me into an East Coast/West Coast thang.  I am a Gemini that calls both Coasts home, rednecks can keep their red states.  


Family Business Heels

A2G: Fair enough.  This is an easier one.  Madonna or Gaga?
BD10003: There would be no Gaga without Madonna. Madonna wanted to conquer pop.  I think Gaga is taking the piss out of the pop like only a drag queen could. I admire that.  Madonna was girl power and Gaga is gay power. 

For A Lost Friend

For A Lost Friend

 A2G: Should we expect to see a line of BluDog10003 merchandising popping up soon?
BD10003: We’ve done a couple small runs on t-shirts, to get my work out there.   Who am I kidding?  Whatever merch you want.  You wanna pay for it I will tag it for you.


Lumen Fest Coffin

A2G:  Do you have a favorite time to go out and put up work?
BD10003: I am a day slapper. I put on tourist drag and get up as I wander the streets.


Miami Combo

A2G: Tell us one of your guilty pleasures?
BD10003: Porn.  I’m fascinated by it.  I even did a whole series of stickers called “Family Business” with porn star’s faces I shot of the people in Times Square. I wanted to do a piece on global culture’s obsession with celebrity and porn stars are the most extreme and intimate form of celebrity.  I tagged familial names with the faces like Mother, Daughter, Brother and Husband because they are that to someone in their life, not just porn stars. 


Miami Combo 2

A2G: What do you think about sticker poaching?
BD10003: I fall in the camp of –  if you love it, take it.  I put my shit on the streets knowing it won’t be up forever.  It came up when I was part of DB Burkeman’s “History of Stickers” book last year.  He took a lot of heat for collecting sticks off the street.  Once you see the damn book you realize it is worth it to have this amazing history collected.  It pisses some people off but the streets are a gallery.  If someone slaps over my shit then they are fucking with me. If my sticker is gone I figure someone dug it enough to scrape it of a dirty newspaper box.  If you are worried about someone stealing or making money off your work then don’t put it on the street.


Miami Combo 3

A2G: What’s next for Bludog10003?
BD10003: To keep putting a piece of my mind up on the street where you live. Also have a collaboration with video painter, Scott Peehl, in Brooklyn in the summer.  Info on his site


Where Is WeiWei - Lower East Side

Thanks again to BluDog10003 for opening up for all of us.  We’ll keep you posted with the latest and greatest from BluDog10003.

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