Superfraiche at Galapagos Art Space

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Photos by G.

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira

I am really happy the Superfraiche concert took place on April 1, 2011 because when I saw the future of pop music, I definitely thought the joke was on me.  On April Fool’s Day, Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn featured a live showcase of four of the latest pop music sensations.  Performing in front of backing tracks, She’s The Queen, Databoy, Simon Curtis and Sky Ferreira made me glad I am open minded in seeing new talent.  Many times, it appeared that I was at the food court at a mall and happened by a performance.  With this food court reference, the only thing missing was delicious snacks.  Sky Ferreira will probably become a Justin Bieber-like sensation, but I felt that I was watching a young singer whose schtick was flipping her hair back and forth as the highlight of her performance.

Simon Curtis

Simon Curtis

Host for the evening, Arjan Writes, informed the crowd that Simon Curtis, who was making his live debut in New York, has had his album downloaded over 1 million times.  Yowsah!  The American Idol-style performance found Curtis closing out his set with an a capella version of what he called “one of the greatest songs ever recorded,” and it turned out to be Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”  The universe was not pleased by that blasphemous statement and  his voice cracked before making it through the song! (I have video to prove it).



Databoy, a male duo performed mostly unremarkable songs, but infused “Thriller-like” choreography during the chorus and all I could think of was “that’s been done before by way more talented people.”

She's the Queen

She's the Queen

The highlight of seeing She’s the Queen was not even in the performance.  It was watching the lead singer knock back a double whiskey before taking the stage.  Props for being coherent!

Obviously, you can’t trust my opinion on this unless you share with me the mindset that “American Idol” and “Glee” are like cholesterol clogging the arteries of the music scene.  With that being said, you should probably expect to hear a lot about these acts in the future.  Happy April Fool’s?

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  • m said,


    A-has poor taste
    B-has yet to master the English language
    C-owns one ugly suit
    D-is cocky
    E-thinks he is famous
    F-cannot pronounce his own name
    G-all of the above


  • m said,

    i forgot to mention that he’s faking that stupid accent!

  • G said,


    I had forgotten to mention this in the post:

    People in the crowd were shouting “you are working it!” Wrong! I work it and this is not what it looks like.

  • art said,

    I was there and i love Sky >>.i wish she would have done> a longer set >>>reading your article it was nice to see some new talent ….her hair is amazing …she will definately be huge like bieber in a good way …the more shows she does ..simon was great …but Sky was the best…

  • ray said,

    Love Sky !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sky was great ……..needs to sing more songs …..!!!! i came just to see Sky .

  • Bo said,

    The show was great ….Sky was my favorite .Amazing

  • Bob Loblaw said,

    Arjan forgot to turn the microphone on when he came out to introduce the first act and was seen texting throughout the entire show. Event fail.

  • nicholas said,

    You are a tired, bitter queen. I went last night and had an incredible time. Databoy killed it. Now go apply your bronzer.

  • #winning said,


    You obviously don’t know G. He goes to hundreds of concerts a year. How many do you go to?

  • G said,

    Thanks #winning.

    Hey Nicholas, you opinion is cool with me, but not too well thought out if you’ve taken a look around the site.

  • Dan said,

    Sky was the worst out of the lot. You could easily notice her inexperience at this. Simon Curtis was top notch and will probably become the biggest – yes, even bigger than sky whom America will not fall for. She’s too typical, and Jessie j is simply better. The boys of databoy have a great sound and will be huge in the UK. And she’s the queen.. Just, love! May not be huge in the years to come, but at least the duo entertained more than the crazy ugly hideous girl at the end… Aka, sky f. Ugh.

    Simon Curtis FTW!