Anna Calvi live at Bowery Ballroom

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Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi

At the stroke of 11 pm on May 25, 2011 at New York’s Bowery Ballroom, British singer Anna Calvi emerged from a cloud of fog, strapped on her guitar and started rocking.  She started off with a guitar solo that would have made Jimi Hendrix smile.  Vocally, the indie rock singer has a voice that at times is reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux but then would be smooth and mellow like a crooner out of the 1950s.  Her stage presence is sexually charged and she really knows how to keep an audience entertained.  She covered Elvis Presley’s “Surrender” as well as “Jezebel,” a song made famous by Edith Piaf during her 40 minute set.  Her voice is a power house and on the mellow moments, you could hear a pin drop in the Bowery Ballroom because obviously, nobody wanted to miss a note.  You shouldn’t miss a note either.  Anna Calvi rocks!

Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi

Spotted in the crowd:  David Byrne (former lead singer of Talking Heads).  See a spy photo of him, the set list as well as a photo of my encounter with Anna Calvi after the jump.

Anna Calvi Set List

Anna Calvi Set List at Bowery Ballroom in New York on May 25, 2011

David Byrne at Anna Calvi

David Byrne at Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi and Geoffrey Dicker

Anna Calvi and G

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  • F.M. Cornog said,

    G,…Thank you for taking a picture of me (in Home Depot hat) talking with the great David Byrne at the Anna Calvi show at Bowery Ballroom. You unknowingly made my day/week/month/year.

    Best Wishes, F.M.Cornog (East River Pipe)

  • The G said,

    you’re welcome! wasn’t that an amazing night?!