Glasvegas Live at Bowery Ballroom

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Photos by G.

James Allan of Glasvegas

Scottish rockers Glasvegas returned to the live stage in New York last night, May 23, 2011 with a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom.  The band hit the stage at 10 pm after an equally rockin’ set from The Dig (more to come on The Dig, so please stay tuned).  Glasvegas’ new album “EUPORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\” was recently released and the band played tracks off the record mixed in with their classics such as “Geraldine,” “Daddy’s Gone” and “It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry.”  Bono from U2 was so taken with “Cheating Heart,” that allegedly after hearing the song, he invited Glasvegas to open for U2 on a leg of their 360 Degree Tour.



Glasvegas’ performance was very intense.  Aside from flashing lights and a glowing microphone cord, dark lighting gave the show an even better ambiance.  Lead singer James Allan looked and sounded amazing.   He often got so wrapped up in the songs, he’d end up performing on his knees – as if pleading the lyrics to an invisible lover.  Allan has said in interviews that he approached the lyrics to their new record from a gay perspective.  He says he is not gay, but that it’s time for homophobes to ‘wake the fuck up.’  Amen, James! 

Gay or not, it was almost distracting how great James Allan’s arms looked and he wore a Help! by the Beatles T-shirt, which made me like him even more.  After the jump, see the set list as well as another rocker I got to meet when I was backstage with Glasvegas.

Glasvegas setlist at Bowery Ballroom on May 23, 2011.


James Allan of Glasvegas and Geoffrey

James Allan of Glasvegas and G. Photo by Rab Allan

After the show, I went back stage and everyone in Glasvegas as well as their crew were so cool.  Everyone was very accommodating, polite and they all know how to have fun!   It’s hard to see in the photo, but James Allan was wearing an “I love Ringo Starr” button!  Seated next to James Allan in the above photo is Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes.  Obviously, a great night!  Thanks to Glasvegas for rockin’!

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  • Gail said,

    He looks like a young Joe Strummer.