Happy Birthday, George Lucas

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Photo and autograph courtesy of the G Archives.

George Lucas

George Lucas

Happy birthday to Star Wars creator George Lucas.  I won’t lie, my brother and I were HUGE Star Wars fans growing up.  We had all the trading cards, story books, bed sheets, drinking glasses and action figures.  For some reason I used to chew the noses off of the human figures.  I have no idea why and I’ve never been crazy enough to go to therapy to figure it out.  Any Freudian arm chair psychologists want to give me a diagnosis?  I met George Lucas several times before the “new” trilogy came out, so my experience of meeting him was akin to a religious experience.  I am sure seeing him now, I’d probably want to smack him upside the head and ask him why he ruined such a beautiful thing.  I’m only half-kidding.   Years after being a Star Wars fan, I discovered the works of Joseph Campbell (who was also a teacher to George Lucas) and as I read the words of “The Power of Myth,” it dawned on me why I enjoyed the films so much.  That was a great day in my spiritual journey.  Thanks again to George Lucas for giving my childhood countless hours of enjoyment.

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