Happy Birthday, Morrissey

Posted by The G on May 22, 2011 under Celebrities | Read the First Comment

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Happy birthday Morrissey!  The rocker recently said that he’s finished a new album but has no label and is not a DIY musician.  I say put it out yourself, Moz.  You’ve got the fan base.  Make the money yourself.  Do you really want to be paying someone who had nothing to do with the creative process a huge cut of your money?  That’s my birthday wish for you.  Oh, and please stay alive forever.

Also born today: gay rights activist/politician Harvey Milk and actor Laurence Olivier.

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  • AndyTheCureFan said,

    From my understanding, when he said his talents do not lie in DIY, he was referring to the fact that he doesn’t know how to go about putting it out himself. He’s never done so nor sees himself capable to.