10 Photos From The 2011 Mermaid Day Parade

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Photos by G.

Mermaid Day Parade 2011

Mermaid Day Parade 2011

The Mermaid Day parade in Coney Island in New York celebrates the coming of summer.  Held on the first Saturday of the summer each year, people come in from all over New York to rejoice and celebrate that we’ve all made it through another year.  I’ve been coming to the Mermaid Day Parade since I moved to New York (except one year where it rained) and it’s really an event that you can’t miss.  Everyone is so free.  You see people of every size, shape, color, sexual preference, economic background and kinky fetish all in one spot.  Even if it’s only for a few hours once a year, everyone gets along!  It’s really wonderful to experience because as we all know too well, “the real world” can’t get its act together and get over their petty differences to realize we are all renters for a very short time on this planet of mystery.  Overall, I think this year has not been as good as previous years.  It’s obvious to me that the great depression of 2011 that we are in is seriously ruining everyone’s good mood.  It’s very sad.  But if the people can still pull together to have an event such as the Mermaid Day Parade, there’s still hope.  Now enjoy 10 of my favorite photos!  Thanks to everyone that posed.  You all worked it!

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  • Gail said,

    Very Nice Pics!