An Encounter with Jack White

Posted by The G on June 29, 2011 under Encounters with G | 2 Comments to Read

Photo by G.

Jack White and Geoffrey Dicker

Jack White and G

This is the photo I never thought would ever be taken!  Jack White (formerly of The White Stripes) has produced a song for political satirist Stephen Colbert.  In a pop-up show situation, it was announced at the last moment that Stephen Colbert and the Black Belles along with Jack White would be performing the single “Charlene (I’m Over You).”  I couldn’t pass up a chance to see both geniuses in one location.  I approached the event with much trepidation; however, as I had a very bad experience meeting Jack White earlier this year that goes down in G history as one of my worst rock star encounters.  It was especially crushing for me because Jack is amazingly talented and I love his music so much.  As promised, Colbert and Jack White sang The Star Spangled Banner (click here to see a crystal clear video I shot) as well as “Charlene” and then they announced that Jack White and Stephen Colbert would be signing copies of the “Charlene” vinyl that was being sold at the Third Man Records truck parked at the venue.  There was no way I was going to miss this!  As I got my vinyl signed by Jack White, I asked for a photo and he happily obliged.  I didn’t bother telling him how our previous encounter scarred my life because I am all about turning the page.  Thanks again Jack!


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  • Sarah said,

    Can you describe your bad encounter with Jack? What did he do?

  • Hannah said,

    What was the bad encounter? I’m dying to meet Jack White!!! I’m just curious! Congrats on the picture. Love it.