Happy Birthday, Francis Farewell Starlite

Posted by The G on June 14, 2011 under Celebrities | Comments are off for this article

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Francis Farewell Starlite

Francis Farewell Starlite

Happy birthday to Francis Farewell Starlite, lead singer of Francis and the Lights.  I’ve seen Francis in concert several times and in addition to being a great performer with good songs and a fabulous stage presence, he is one of the very few performers that really mixes it up when it comes to the live performance.  I’ve seen Francis perform with a full band as well as a solo piano show.  He pulls them both off effortlessly and with each passing moment, the audience falls more in love.  Francis is also super-creative and he’s recording new music all the time.  He is very generous to his fans and he posts video clips on his official website frequently, so it’s worth checking his site often.  Hope you have a great day Francis and I look forward to seeing you perform soon!

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