Jody Watley live at the Grammercy Theater

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Jody Watley

Jody Watley

Here’s why I love New York:  On June 24, 2011, I was able to start the day off seeing Stephen Colbert and Jack White perform.  In the evening, I saw the garage rock of Hanni El Khatib and in the wee hours of the morning, I saw 80s diva Jody Watley perform at the Grammercy Theater.  Watley made a rare club appearance to a sparsely populated audience.  I had never seen Jody Watley perform before so I was very excited to add her name to the illustrious list of performers I’ve had the pleasure of checking out in concert.  She looked much thicker than I recall her being and she performed a very short set that included “Looking for a New Love,” “Real Love,” “Don’t You Want Me” and the very rarely performed “Still a Thrill.”  I was the only person who attempted to meet her after the set was over, but unfortunately she didn’t even look in my direction when I tried to talk to her.  You win some, you lose some.

Jody Watley

Jody Watley

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  • Jared Baener said,

    I was at this event, which was not a concert but billed as a special appearance by her for the Lifebeat Charity a point you fail to mention. She looked flawless and I especially enjoyed the Imperial House of Waacking Dancers she brought out for some fierce freestyle on her fab Still a Thrill. The tinge of your review seems bitter because if memory serves she left the stage at the end of her brief performance and went straight out the door in true star style, I saw it with my own eyes. So to say you were the only one who attempted to meet her is calculating and totally fabricated. Major Fail.

  • The G said,

    Hi Jared. Not bitter or “calculating” at all. I’ve met thousands of celebrities in my life. When bonafide legends are pollite and people that have a handful of hits are not, it shines through.

  • Corey Moss said,

    I LOVED seeing the legendary JODY WATLEY Friday night at the Lifebeat party! And for it to fall on such a historic night made it all the better!!! My partner and our friends had a blast at the show and she was as stylish and flawless as always. I don’t know why people feel entitled to speak or hang out with a celebrity – we were happy to just be to able to see her. Plus it was not a concert, but an appearance at the 1984 dance party. Bitter queens give us all a bad rap lol! GO JODY! AND THANKS FOR COMING TO NYC!!! YOUR WLECOME ANYTIME!!! Love – Corey, Jason, Ana and Niki!!!