Michael Jackson Sidewalk Mural

Posted by The G on June 25, 2011 under The G Spot | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.  Artist Unknown.

Michael Jackson Sidewalk Mural

Michael Jackson Sidewalk Mural

Can you believe Michael Jackson died two years ago today?  His death has always been a sore subject for me because I learned to separate the man from the music when he was still living.  The same cannot be said of the masses who continued to talk shit about him to the point that it drove him to drugs, which ultimately killed him.  His death, which ended up being the best career move he could have ever hoped for, cemented his rightful place in music history.  It’s amazing to me that once he died, the collective everyone seems to have forgotten all the smack they talked about him (from child molestation charges to the excessive plastic surgery he had) when he was alive and suddenly everyone is a huge MJ fan.  Why didn’t people show that kind of love when he was alive?  Perhaps he’d still be around today if people would have appreciated his gift while he still walked amongst us.  RIP, Michael!

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  • griffin said,

    True! but i guess his life was more about his mission then his career. to me it’s once again a sign of his divinity. all prophets in history gained more respect and followers in their afterlives. the true effect of his existence will continue.

    is this the mural at the UWS?
    GREAT JOB, whoever it made!!!

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