Street Artist X Tells You Why: 10 Questions with X

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Photos by G.  Art by X.

X (on display at Lab Art in Los Angeles)

Street artist X (aka Thank You X) is everywhere.  If you live in Los Angeles, surely you’ve spotted his work on the streets.  If you haven’t seen it, you better tilt your head up because X is notorious for putting up art in those hard to reach places (see photos below).  His art has been featured on Good Day LA and actress Demi Moore owns his work. Why X?  X will tell you why!

According2g: When did you start doing street art?

X: I put my first poster on the street around 2002. I started off making posters with weird photos of my friends on them. I would paste them around Orange County. I stopped for a few years and got back into when I moved to LA in 2009.

A2G: How did you get the name X? Do you realize how hard it is to google?

X: I like how hard it is to google. Some people call me ‘X’ some call me ‘Thank You X’. To me X means a lot of things. I feel like it adds some mystery.

A2G: Obviously, Andy Warhol is a huge influence. What’s your favorite work of art from Andy Warhol?

X: Hands down, my favorite piece is the ‘Self Portrait’… it’s so powerful and always stood out a lot to me. I also am a fan of the black and white stuff he did towards the end.

A2G: What has the reaction to your art been from die-hard Warhol fans?

X: They seem to dig it. The fact that I’m saying thank you to him is appreciated I guess. He is and always will be one of the most well known artists of all time. Someone had to say thanks… so I did.

A2G: Is street art a crime?

X: Yes. I like that it’s a crime because if it weren’t then my mom would probably out tagging every night… She’s a thug!

A2G: There’s a huge market for street art in galleries. How does that change the game?

X:Street art has been featured before, it’s not a new thing. Basquiat was a street artist. I think that the gallery is a great thing. I also love the streets. It’s a thrill you can’t replace.  I could say a million things but i try to stay out of the drama.

A2G: What’s the coolest thing that’s happened as a result of your art?

X: Honestly, being asked to be part of the LA FREEWALLS project was one of the greatest experiences for me. So many artists that I look up to have been a part of it. Getting to have my art next to theirs in an honor. Other than that, art is therapeutic for me. So just being able to create things that I enjoy is pretty fucking cool. I work on stuff all day long for other people, so it’s really cool to be able to create something for myself now and then.

X, Phil Lumbang

X, Phil Lumbang (on the door) at LA FREEWALLS

A2G: Do you keep your personal life and your street art side separate or are they intertwined?

X: Yeah, pretty much. Sometimes it crosses over but for the most part I try to keep it separate. I mostly just don’t want my clients finding out. Haha.

A2G: Tell us one of your guilty pleasures

X: I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. I think a pleasure is a pleasure. I feel no guilt, but I guess that listening to pop music would be considered “guilty” to some, just not me.  I’m all about Madonna… haha (you can ask AJL about my pop music obsession).

A2G: Future plans?

X: Just going to keep creating and painting and having fun. I try not to make a plan.

Thank you, Thank You!

You can see the work of X at Lab Art in Los Angeles and of course, all over the streets of LA.

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