The 9th Night of Joseph Arthur’s NYC Residency

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Photos by G.  Art by Joseph Arthur.

Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur

On June 20, 2011, singer/songwriter/artist Joseph Arthur played the 9th night of his 10 night residency at New York’s The Living Room.  If you’ve never been to The Living Room, it’s one of the most intimate venues you’ll experience in New York, so any time anyone you remotely like plays there, you must go.  Last week, I saw Joseph Arthur’s art exhibit at the Gershwin Hotel called MOMAR (Museum of Modern Arthur) and I enjoyed it so much.  His art is Picassquiat (Picasso meets Basquiat) and it’s amazing in person.  (PS. MOMAR runs until the end of the month – so don’t miss it!).  In one of those “these bizarre things happen to me all the time” moments, the day after seeing the exhibit, I was walking past The Living Room on an adventure and Joseph Arthur happened to be leaving the venue, so I had the chance to talk to him (see a photo after the jump).  He was extremely cool and I told him how excited I was to be seeing him live in just a few short days.

Art by Joseph Arthur

As you enter The Living Room, you are treated to another exhibition of Joseph Arthur’s work.  Each night of his residency, he takes the stage and makes an abstract painting.  As the show progresses, he adds to it giving everyone the full artistic experience.  The residency is to celebrate the release of his latest album “The Graduation Ceremony.”  If you don’t know his music, the lyrics are extremely intelligent and poetic and his music is folk/rock.  As he performed solo, he was rigging all the guitar effects as he played and as if it wasn’t enough that he can sing, play instruments, write songs and create great art, he’s also a guitar tech!  At times, he read poems at the end of songs and he also added on to his painting.  It was a 2 hour treat for the eyes and ears.

You can see in the background of this picture the finished painting he created live tonight.  It was obvious that he changes the set list every night as he took a couple of requests from the audience and when some friends of his joined him on stage to play drums and piano, they decided what to play on the spot.  He also played a minimum of 10 songs for the encore!  Respect!  Also cool was the fact that they record the show in perfect audio quality and sell it 20 minutes after the show is over!   The residency ends on June 21, 2011 so if you are in the New York area, don’t even think of missing seeing this tremendously talented performer.

Joseph Arthur and Geoffrey

Joseph Arthur and G

I spoke with Joseph Arthur after the show and once again, he was extremely cool and even remembered meeting me last week!  Too cool.  I congratulated him on such a great show and then I gushed at how amazing he is.  What an inspiration and a great talent.  Thanks again for a wonderful night.

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