5 Reasons Your Favorite Music Blog Sucks

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5 Reasons Your Favorite Music Blog Sucks

1. Where are the first person experiences of the events being reported?  Most of the time, the events being covered are events slightly better than sitting home and banging your head against the wall.  We want to know why the event you wrote about was better!

2. Photo Essays.  This is the laziest type of reporting on the market.  As an avid concert goer, this is what I experience when I go to concerts: Photographers are given a photo pass and they think it grants them the right to step in front of fans that have been waiting hours to get the front spot.  (Side note: you should see what happens when they try that on me!)The photographers act as if they are photographing the reunion of the Beatles and are contorting their backs and faces to take photos of each band member.  Don’t forget the wanna be artsy shot of one of the objects on stage that would only make sense if you were in the front row.  Then the photos are posted on these sites with NO captions!  Do your homework people!  If you are going to take 1000 photos of the bass player, tell us his name!

3. The definition of “exclusive “is  “limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group.”  So many sites use the word incorrectly.  Also, the definition of the word “premiere” is “the first performance or exhibition.”  So when a site tells you they have an exclusive premiere – unless it is proprietary footage that is debuting ONLY on this particular website, please use these two words in describing your content.  Otherwise, please just say “regurgitated from other sources.”


4. Press Release regurgitation.  If you’ve ever worked with a PR company before, you  know that they ar e largely a bunch of idiots (obviously there are many exceptions).  They promise to get back to us on things and never follow through.  You have to monitor them just to be in a position to dole out free publicity for their clients!  Finally, when this news is transmitted on your favorite site, how sickening is it to read about “an exciting band that sounds just like…”  There used to be a time when you couldn’t even define a bands’ sound because it was unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. 

5. Everyone writes about the same topics.  Did you know that the White Stripes broke up?

 You know who you are, and while many people refuse to speak up, I am not one of those that likes to keep quiet.

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