Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Born Today

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Photo and autograph courtesy of the G Archives.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I don’t think I can wish Arnold Schwarzenegger a “happy” birthday, but it’s a fact that he was born today and I have his autograph, so I am posting it.  Plus who wouldn’t want to use a photo of Arnie’s Schwarzenegger?  Here’s why I can’t wish him a “happy” birthday (and with all the money and power he has, I am quite certain he’ll get over it):  When the man who cannot pronounce the name of the state he was governing was in charge, the issue of gay marriage was on the table.  He helped to reject it!  This from a man who has had so many gay people help him get his movie career started?!  WOW!  What a two-faced son of a bitch!  Obviously this cannot be a surprise as he became a politician, who as we all know are liars and cheaters, but still – what a disappointment.  It’s no surprise that it came out that he fathered a love child.  People of course were all up in a tizzy about this, but Arnie will be fine because people will always support him.  It would send a bigger message if effective immediately NOBODY watches his movies AT ALL, but until that day comes, people will complain about him while they are still putting money in his pocket.  And I am not just going on a rant about douches like Schwarzenegger – people have the power to boycott anything they don’t like (such as wasting money on taxes and working measly corporate jobs while the fat cats in power aka the 1% rule over the 99% of the “slaves”).  If you don’t like it, you need to speak up and TAKE ACTION!

Let’s celebrate that today and every day.

I will wish singer Kate Bush a happy birthday today because she works it, so happy birthday Kate!  Sorry you had to be born on the same day as a total MF.

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