An Exclusive Interview with Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley (Part 2)

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Photos courtesy of Tony Hadley’s official site.

Tony Hadley

Tony Hadley’s first ever solo US tour kicks off this weekend!  I had the great pleasure of interviewing the former front man of Spandau Ballet earlier this month and as I mentioned previously, it was an honor and a delight to speak with a musical icon of his stature.

You can read the first part of the interview here, where Tony Hadley discussed his thoughts on the current state of the music business, his wildest fan encounter as well as a few things you can expect to hear on his US tour.

Here are Tony Hadley’s 2011 US Tour dates.  You will not want to miss these shows!  Tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster.

2011 US Summer Tour:

13th August  Irving Plaza, New York

14th August  Northalsted Market Days Festival, Halsted Street, Chicago

16th August  House Of Blues, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

18th August  Ramona Mainstage, San Diego, CA

20th August  Fremont Experience, Freemont Street, Las Vegas

21st August  Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco

And now, the second part of an exclusive interview with Tony Hadley:

According2G:  You’ve been famous most of your life.  How have your views on fame changed over the years?

Tony Hadley: Fame.  I don’t take it too seriously. It’s not worth it.  You’re just doing a job that happens to be slightly more glamorous that other jobs and you’re lucky to be doing it.  When you’re a kid and you dream of being on “Top of the Pops” and you achieve it, it’s a dream come true, but it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

A2G: Which upcoming singers are you excited about?

TH:  There’s a band called The Wanted.  They are a boy band.  I am not much into boy bands, but I’ve seen them live and they can really sing!  There’s not a lot I am excited about at the moment. Leona Lewis has an amazing voice, but she’s not really my kind of music.  I like The XX.  I think there are a lot of great bands, but not so many great singers.

A2G: What do you listen to?

TH:  I like Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, Rage Against the Machine, Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age, My Chemical Romance.  I am a closet rocker!

A2G: What advice would you give to a new singer/band?

TH:  If you have talent, great songs, a good voice – something that’s different and have bundles of determination – then you might make it. And if you do make it, make sure you get independent legal advice.  Never trust anyone completely in this business – it stinks.  I love the music business but the actual business side of it absolutely stinks.  Always be on your guard.

A2G:  You love to travel.  Where are some of your favorite places in the world?

TH:  Spain, obviously.  I love Mallorca and Barcelona. I love Rome and Italy.  Italians are mad.  I love it. Berlin is a really cool place.  My son was just there and loved it.  New York, Los Angeles.  I spent 3 and a half months in LA in West Hollywood recording. I had a great time.  New York is just an amazing city.  I’ll be there again on 9/11 singing in the English national anthem in the English Garden for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. New York is great fun.  I’d love to get to China, India and Russia.  Those are 3 places I haven’t yet been to.

A2G: We are putting it out there in the universe that upcoming performances are booked in China, India and Russia – so if those countries are reading this…  Due to technology, we were easily able to put the word out.  Are you into social media and do you stay up to date on all the new technology?

TH: I’ve got a few gadgets because my wife and daughter have got them for me.  I’ve got a studio and we’ve got computers in the studio.  My wife is brilliant on the computer and deals with all the financial stuff.  To be honest, I still work with bits of paper.  I am not a technical person and it’s best that I leave that to other people. I find the whole thing fascinating but I don’t embrace it particularly and I don’t think it’s made our lives any easier.  Our lives are more complicated than they ever were before.  There’s too many choices.  I’ve got a mobile phone and that’s about as technical as it gets. Incoming. Outgoing. Text messages.  That’s about it.

A2G: In your career, you’ve done it all from singing to performing on the West End Stage.  Are there any creative outlets you are excited to try?:

TH:  I’ve done a bit of film work, but I’ve never done a major film.  In fact, I got a message today that funding as come through for a British gangster film and they want me to play a police inspector.  It’s a big part, so I’ll have a look at the script and see.  For me, music always comes first.  But being in a successful American film would be really cool.

A2G:  Does it bother you that people will always want you to play the hits such as “True” or “Gold”?:

TH: New artists can go on stage and play all new material. You can play for an hour and 45 minutes and people will embrace the new material because they are new songs that are not yet successful.  If you’ve got some kind of pedigree behind you, such as “True” and “Gold,” you have to do your hits.  Any artist that doesn’t do it is an absolute idiot.  Last week, I headlined a festival in Scotland for 20,000 people and everyone’s just going crazy.  Everyone’s signing along to “True” and “Gold” has become such an anthem.  I’m a great believer in giving people what they want.  Sure I’ll throw in some new songs, by all means, but you’ve got to give the people what they want.  If David Bowie didn’t do “Ziggy Stardust,” if Sting didn’t do “Roxanne” or when Sinatra was alive, if he didn’t do “My Way,” they’d be shot!  I don’t want to get shot.

A2G:  After the Spandau Ballet reunion, how were things left between the members of the band?:

TH: Things are really good.  It was a very difficult decision to get the band back together again (in 2009). It took six months. [Spandau Ballet’s drummer]  Johnny Keeble was instrumental in getting us all back together.  And in fact, he’ll be with us on our American tour.  It took 20 years.  But we’ve rekindled our friendship again and that’s a great place to be.

A2G:  Any possibility of a US tour with Spandau Ballet?:

TH: I’d like to.  But I’ve got a new album to make and I am already getting booked up for next year, so at the moment I don’t know.

A2G: What’s next for you?:

TH:  As I mentioned, I’ve got a new album.  2012 will be busy with the Olympics.  I’m involved with several things to do with the Olympics in the UK. Also, we want to come to America more.

Tony Hadley

Speaking on behalf of America, we want to see you more too!   It has been a great honor to talk with you and I thank you so much for speaking to us.  I am extremely excited to catch the tour!  Don’t miss Tony Hadley’s first US solo tour when he comes to your town!!



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