Happy 5th Birthday, Sketches of Verbal Alchemy!

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Sketches of Verbal Alchemy by Geoffrey Dicker

Long before status updates and tweets, my book of abstract poetry Sketches of Verbal Alchemy existed.  From the opening play on words “He told a story in seven words,” to the closing 6-line poem, “The red door opens / and it leads to a yellow door / and it leads to a blue door / and it leads to a green door / and it leads to a black door / and it leads to a red door…” this book has literally opened up so many doors that I never knew existed.

It’s hard for me to believe that Sketches of Verbal Alchemy turns 5 today!  I am so proud of this book and the worldwide reaction has surpassed any expectations I could have ever thought of in my wildest dreams.  A review on Amazon.co.uk compared my work with 2 of my heroes, George Carlin and William S. Burroughs, which  is one of the greatest compliments I could fathom!  I created a new form of punctuation, “./?” – period slash question mark – a statement that makes you question your answer and I devised new solutions to age old problems via my one to five line poetic sketches.  Readers have found themselves laughing on every page as well as giving them lots of food for thought.  Bringing smiles to peoples’ faces is probably the accomplishment I am most proud of.   This work was also one of the first books to be sold on the Kindle device and I’ve even seen the book on illegal downloading sites!  I’ve created a successful line of “G shirts” that feature abstract poetry from the book and I’ve been stopped in the street to sign autographs, which continues to blow my mind.

I’ve recently completed my second book of poetry, Unfinished Lyrics, as well as my first coffee table book, Take It With Your Hand and I expect that both will be available either later this year or early next year.

Thanks again to everyone who has purchased or downloaded Sketches of Verbal Alchemy (legally or illegally).  I am incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to make your life a little brighter, one sketch at a time.

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