Happy Birthday, Adrian Young of No Doubt

Posted by The G on August 26, 2011 under Celebrities | Comments are off for this article

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Adrian Young of No Doubt

Adrian Young of No Doubt

Happy birthday to No Doubt’s drummer, Adrian Young.  In addition to being an OC boy like myself, Adrian friggin’ rocks.  As drummer for No Doubt, he is not afraid to get naked on stage as he plays!  Thanks for all those great memories throughout the years!  No Doubt will be releasing a new studio album and I am hoping it’s good.  My faith is shaken a bit because I couldn’t stand Gwen Stefani’s pop collaborations and I also read that they are only recording in between baby feeding times and whenever she can fit the band into her busy schedule.  Scheduling creativity lacks the spark of instant creation, but we shall see.  Plus, Gwen admitted in an interview that Prince inspired them to write hit songs, so the purity of writing what’s in their heart and letting the world decide does not bode well, but again, I love the band so I am hopeful the album will not suck – but I will not be surprised at all if it does.

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