“Beware of Hipsters” T-Shirts by Cali Killa – Out Now!

Posted by The G on September 30, 2011 under Street Art | Read the First Comment

Photo courtesy of Cali Killa.

Cali Killa - Beware of Hipsters

Cali Killa - Beware of Hipsters T-Shirts. Now Available.

I love it when good triumphs over evil.  Recently, I reported that street artist Cali Killa’s iconic “Beware of Hipsters” image was stolen by Urban Outfitters.  UO tried to sell these shirts without Cali Killa’s permission and worst of all, without giving him a cent for the use of his art.  Because my readers kick so much ass, within 48 hours of posting the story, word traveled across the internet and many other websites wrote about this theft as well.  Urban Outfitters removed the shirt and now Cali Killa is free to use sell his own art.  That brings us to today.

Cali Killa’s “Beware of Hipsters” T-Shirts are out now!

The shirts are limited to 30 produced, so get yours today before it’s too late!

Support the artist, not the corporation – and beware of hipsters!

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  • Fan said,

    Great shirt! Congrats on your win. looking forward to getting my shirt soon.