Happy Birthday, Geoffrey Dicker

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Photo by Tres.

Geoffrey Dicker - Dancing Through Life

I wish people a happy birthday on a daily basis on this site.  Now it’s time for me to get on that action! Happy birthday to me!  In case you are tuning in for the first time, here’s a little bit about myself:  I wrote a book of “abstract poetry” in 2005 called “Sketches of Verbal Alchemy.”  It’s for sale on websites like Amazon.com.  My short one to 6 line “poems” predated Twitter and Status Updates and there are pearls in that book that could change your life by opening up new possibilities to age old problems.  I was one of the first writers to embrace the Kindle technology and sell the book electronically and the book has afforded me experiences you couldn’t even pay for!  I’ve also worked on a greatest hits CD for Prince, one of my favorite artists, where I picked out the tracks for the release “Ultimate Prince.”  I’ve also written song lyrics for pop songs for singers Jim Emmons and Jeremy Gloff and I also make abstract paintings.  I have a 2nd book of poetry waiting to be published as well as a coffee table book of artsy fartsy and concert photos and I will probably release those in 2012.  I have also designed a line of “G-Shirts” that feature funny slogans on them such as “Being Straight Is A Choice” and “2 Deep 2 B A Sheep.”  I launched According2g.com primarily because people did not believe all the crazy stories I would tell them about what I experienced the night before.  Hell, if you didn’t know me, you’d think half of the stuff I just told you is bullshit, but it’s all true!  The blog sort of spiraled out of control from there and I have grown the site to rank in the top 15% out of 26,000,000 websites in the world.  I’ve had the great fortune of interviewing artists I admire, occasionally, I get mobbed in the streets with people wanting to take their picture with ME, and let me tell you – I am SO GRATEFUL FOR EVERY SECOND OF IT!  I cannot thank my readers enough for checking in multiple times daily to read about art and music from New York and beyond.  I thank you for spreading the word.

Happy birthday to me!

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    Happy Birthday G!

    You are a gentleman and an artist, and your blog is one of the bright spots to check out each and every day.

    Thank you for sharing your world!