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Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham

If you were not at Lindsey Buckingham‘s show at Town Hall in New York on September 27, 2011, you missed something special.  Lindsey Buckingham seems to get better with age as he still makes amazing music and when he performs live, he sets the bar a little higher for the definition of the word “amazing.”  In his nearly 2 hour set, Lindsey Buckingham ran the gamut of his career playing songs from his early days in Fleetwood Mac to his recent album “Seeds We Sow.”  He began the show with a 5 song acoustic set that included “Trouble,” “Go Insane,” “Big Love,” and “Never Going Back Again.”  The show could have ended at that point and you would have gotten your moneys’ worth, but the show was just beginning.  Lindsey Buckingham’s voice was absolutely flawless and when he sang in his whispered voice, you could hear a pin drop in the theater.  After nearly every song, Lindsey received a standing ovation.

Lindsey Buckingham

Guitar God Lindsey Buckingham.

For those like myself that came to hear the new material, Lindsey delivered.  For those that wanted to hear his Fleetwood Mac hits, Lindsey delivered.  For those like myself that wanted to watch him play some of the best guitar you’ll ever see in your life, Lindsey delivered.  My favorite song of the night is always the same – “I’m So Afraid.”  The guitar solo in the middle of the song is beyond words.  There are several videos of “I’m So Afraid” that have been officially released and I urge you to track them down if you want to have your mind blown.  After you see that, imagine that experiencing that solo in person!  That is what rock and roll is all about.  I loved hearing two tracks (“All My Sorrows” and “Turn it On”) off his criminally underrated 1992 solo album “Out Of The Cradle.”  Lindsey’s released 3 solo albums in the last few years and I think that “Under The Skin,” “Gift of Screws” and “Seeds we Sow” are sort of like the best triple album that you’ve ever heard.  The songs fit together so perfectly from acoustic tracks to fast rockers.  Mixing the songs in amongst Fleetwood Mac classics like “Tusk,” “Second Hand News” and “Go Your Own Way” was great.

Lindsey talked about the differences between making music with Fleetwood Mac and solo, comparing the two worlds to big versus low-budget films.  I will support him no matter what because I’ve seen him in concert at least 10 times (both with an without the Mac) and I’ve never been disappointed once.  Lindsey always gives it all he’s got and it shows in the performance.  I left the show, like so many other people did, unable to say much more than “wow!  That was incredible.”  Thanks for giving New York 2 hours of your greatness Lindsey!

See the set list after the jump.

Lindsey Buckingam's Set list at Town Hall in New York on September 27, 2011

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  • Brian said,

    The Concert was amazing, the setlist was great and lindseys new stuff is excellent. First time seeing him solo and will make it a priority to see him whenever he is in the nyc area.