Marilyn Minter Exhibit at Salon 94

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Photos by G.  Art by Marilyn Minter.

Marilyn Minter Salon 94

Marilyn Minter at Salon 94 in New York. Showing through December 4, 2011

For Marilyn Minter’s latest exhibit at Salon 94 in New York, she placed plate glass between her camera and her subjects.  The exhibit features painting, photography, multi-media and mercury!

Marilyn Minter

Rorschack by Marilyn Minter

You really need to see this exhibit in person to get a feel for the size of the works as well as the way they are laid out.  It will really enhance your experience.  The good news is, the show will be on display until December 4, 2011.  There is no bad news!  See Marilyn Minter at Salon 94 (located at 243 Bowery in Manhattan).

Marilyn Minter

Street Art War?

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Photo by G.

Peru Ana Ana Peru X'd

Peru Ana Ana Peru X'd

Peru Ana Ana Peru has been X’ed out!  There’s a site reference to but it appears that perhaps this is all a joke.  One thing that is not a joke is a growing sense of hostility within the street art community.  Both in person and on-line, I’ve been seeing lots of capping going on.  For those not so immersed in the world of street art, this means an artist is covering up the work of another artist.  The reasons for capping vary – sometimes they are personal, sometimes they are done in retaliation, and sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason for it.  Of course, this kind of thing is going to happen whether I offer my two cents or not, but I would just like to let logic be my guide for a quick second and offer the following observation:

The street art community is pretty small.  An unfortunate fact of street art is that authorities will do whatever they can to silence and suppress artists from leaving their work in public places (sometimes for good reason and sometimes not).  It is what it is.  With all that negativity from the authorities and law enforcement, it seems silly to me that the street art community wouldn’t want to put aside petty differences and look out for each other instead of sabotaging a fellow artists’ work.   Let me just point out that some of the greatest art of all time has been the result of a nasty squabble with someone else and the genius often lies with the outlet the artist chooses to express it.

Take my advice or not, but please – save your issues for the magazine rack and keep the drama on the silver screen!

I’m a lover, not a fighter (and I can provide references from satisfied customers that demonstrate I am a damn good one too). 


“Uncursed” by Yoko Ono at Galerie Lelong

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Photo by G.  Art by Yoko Ono.

Uncursed by Yoko Ono

Uncursed by Yoko Ono at Galerie Lelong in New York. Now showing through December 10, 2011

Yoko Ono’s exhibit “Uncursed” at Galerie Lelong in New York offers blessings for New York as a reminder of our global connectedness and the universality of human experience to “uncurse” ourselves and move on.

“Uncursed” is showing at Galerie Lelong (located at 528 West 26th Street) in

“The Fall of the House of Whimsy” by Justin Vivian Bond

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Photos by G.  Art by Justin Vivian Bond.

The Fall of the House of Whimsy by Justin Vivian Bond

"The Fall of the House of Whimsy" by Justin Vivian Bond. Now showing at Participant Inc in NYC through December 18, 2011

Is there anything that Justin Vivian Bond does not do? Singer, performer, queer rights activist, visual artist and the list goes on!  “The Fall of the House of Whimsy” at Participant Inc. in Manhattan is Justin Vivian Bond’s first solo exhibit.  The exhibit consists of  paintings, photographs and installations incorporating elements of Bond’s former 2nd Avenue loft, which is about to be torn down.  The opening night reception was a blast as it felt like being invited over to Justin’s house for one of those legendary parties that you read about in the papers the next day.  Different areas of the gallery had different areas of an apartment and it was great to see party goers interacting with the art.

Limited Edition Vinyl Copies of "Dendrophile" by Justin Vivian Bond

If you are a fan of Justin’s work (and how could you not be?  Justin is incredibly talented), you will love this exhibit.  “The Fall of the House of Whimsy” by Justin Vivian Bond is showing at Participant Inc (located at 253 East Houston Street) in New York through December 18, 2011.  There are other “Whimsy” events including performances and installations so check out Justin Vivian Bond’s official site for more details.

Genesis P Orridge and Mx Justin Vivian Bond

Genesis P. Orridge and Mx Justin Vivian Bond at the opening night party for "The Fall of the House of Whimsy"


“Lioness” by Amy Winehouse Set For Release in December 2011

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Photo by G.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse in 2007

Finally, some good news about Amy Winehouse.  A collection of previously unreleased songs entitled “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” will be released on December 5, 2011.  According to her official site, here’s the track list and some notes about the songs:

“Our Day Will Come (Reggae Version)” – reggae re-working of classic 60’s doo wop song produced by Salaam Remi. Recorded May 2002.

“Between The Cheats” – new Amy composition recorded in London in May 2008 for potential inclusion on album three produced by Salaam Remi.

“Tears Dry” – originally written by Amy as a ballad, this is the original version she recorded in November 2005 in Miami with Salaam. The later uptempo version  appears on “Back To Black”.

“Wake Up Alone” – the first song recorded for the “Back To Black” sessions. This is the one-take demo recorded in March 2006 by Paul O’Duffy.

“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” – Amy’s beautiful reading of the Carole King written Shirelles classic. Produced by Mark Ronson and featuring the Dap Kings with string arrangements by Chris Elliott who did all the strings for Mark’s tracks on “Back To Black”. Recorded in September 2004.

“Valerie” – one of Amy’s jukebox favourites. This is the original slower tempo version of the Mark Ronson produced post “Back To Black” single. Recorded in December 2006.

“Like Smoke” featuring NAS  – Amy and Nas became really good friends after Amy name checked the New York rapper on “Back To Black’s” “Me & Mr Jones”.  “Like Smoke” is finally Amy doing a song with one of her favourite artists. Produced by Salaam Remi. Recorded in May 2008.

“The Girl From Ipanema” – the first song the 18 year old Amy sang when she first went to Miami to record with Salaam. Salaam remarked that “the way she re-interpreted this bossa nova classic made me realise that I was dealing with a very special talent. Her approach to the song was so young and fresh, it really inspired the rest of our sessions.” Recorded in May 2002.

“Halftime” Amy had talked to Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson of the Roots about working together. “Halftime” is a song that Amy and Salaam had worked on since the Frank sessions.  The result is beautiful. Recorded in August 2002.

Best Friends” – “Frank” era live set opener produced by Salaam Remi. Probably the first song that early Amy fans would have heard live. Recorded in February 2003.

“Body & Soul” with Tony Bennett – cover of 30’s jazz standard with hero Tony Bennett. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios London in March 2011 and produced by Phil Ramone. Amy’s final studio recording.

“A Song For You” – heartbreaking and emotional version of the Leon Russell classic made famous by Donny Hathaway. Hathaway was Amy’s all-time favourite artist and the song was recorded in one take, just Amy and her guitar, at her home in London during the spring of 2009 as she battled her demons. Produced by Salaam Remi.

To read more, visit or follow on twitter @amysfoundation

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