Happy Birthday, Lindsey Buckingham + Live Album News

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Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham

Happy birthday to one of my personal gods – Lindsey Buckingham.  If you like his music with Fleetwood Mac, I recommend you check out his last 3 solo albums – “Under The Skin,” “Gift of Screws” and “Seeds We Sow.”  The songs on these albums all fit together and they are a triple album, if you will, of perfection.  Lindsey is an amazing performer who sounds great and will play you guitar solos that are sure to make your mouth drop open.

In other Lindsey Buckingham news, he’s releasing a live CD/DVD on October 31, 2011, entitled “Songs from the Small Machine.”  The set was recorded in Los Angeles and features the following songs:

1. Shut Us Down 2. Go Insane 3. Trouble 4. Never Going back Again 5. Big Love 6. Under the Skin 7. All My Sorrows 8. In Our Own Time 9. Illumination 10. Second Hand News 11. Tusk 12. Stars Are Crazy 13. End of Time 14. That’s the Way Love Goes 15. I’m So Afraid 16. Go Your Own Way 17. Turn It On 18. Treason 19. Seeds We Sow 20. Interview

A live CD will accompany the package and will have the same track list except it will not contain: “Go Insane,” “Treason,” “Turn It On” or the interview.

Happy birthday Lindsey!

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