Marilyn Minter Exhibit at Salon 94

Posted by The G on October 31, 2011 under Artsy Fartsy | Read the First Comment

Photos by G.  Art by Marilyn Minter.

Marilyn Minter Salon 94

Marilyn Minter at Salon 94 in New York. Showing through December 4, 2011

For Marilyn Minter’s latest exhibit at Salon 94 in New York, she placed plate glass between her camera and her subjects.  The exhibit features painting, photography, multi-media and mercury!

Marilyn Minter

Rorschack by Marilyn Minter

You really need to see this exhibit in person to get a feel for the size of the works as well as the way they are laid out.  It will really enhance your experience.  The good news is, the show will be on display until December 4, 2011.  There is no bad news!  See Marilyn Minter at Salon 94 (located at 243 Bowery in Manhattan).

Marilyn Minter

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