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Chris Martin of Coldplay

Chris Martin of Coldplay

Some people love Coldplay.  Some people hate Coldplay.  Some people love to hate Coldplay.  I love them.  I will say that my interest in the band has waned over the last few years and the band working with Jay-Z on their last EP was nearly a deal breaker for me.  Needless to say that when I read that the band has worked with another talentless superstar, Rihanna, I am actually frightened that I might have to kiss this band off for good.  A week before their newest (and possibly last) album “Mylo Xyloto” is released, here’s my two cents.  I’ll be writing short comments as I hear each track for the first time.

“Mylo Xyloto” – Instrumental.

“Hurts Like Heaven” – The title track leads right into this one, and it’s definitely the poppiest and danceiest Coldplay song I’ve ever heard.  It’s also extremely catchy.  This will be a good choice for a single, according2g.  The track is 4 minutes long.

“Paradise” – Also a really pop sounding track.  I read that Coldplay mentioned they wanted to try something different and there are no arguments here.  Whether you like these songs or not, you cannot accuse Coldplay of making the same record over and over again. The chorus “Para-Para-Paradise, Oh-oh-ohhhhh” is a very Coldplay chorus and will probably sound awesome in concert.

“Charlie Brown” – Sounds like the “Clocks” off this album.

“Us Against The World” – A slow acoustic song.  This is the first song I am not too crazy about so far.

“M.M.I.X” – A short instrumental palate cleanser, if you will.

“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” – “M.M.I.X” runs right into this song, which was the first single.  This sounds like a “classic” Coldplay song and might not even be out of place on a U2 record.  I can imagine The Edge doing the guitar solo.

“Major Minus” – Also “classic” Coldplay.  The chorus features “ooh ooh’s” and will be great live.  One thing you’ve got to give it to Coldplay for, they sure know how to make anthemic music.

“UFO” – Acoustic ballad.  Short song measuring only 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

“Princess of China” – Is that Chris Martin rapping?  Oh dear!  Rihanna’s vocals start in the second verse and while her voice is not making me want to stick sharp objects in my ear like normal when I hear her, I think she has no business on a Coldplay song.  In my opinion, they can deny it all they want, but they are sellouts.  It’s an unneeded attempt at grabbing headlines and attention for a very mediocre song.  Why, Coldplay? WHY!

“Up In Flames” – How ironic to title a song “up in flames” after the Rihanna song.  This is a slower track that reminds me of “Where is my Boy” by Faultline that Chris lent his vocals to many years ago, though this song is faster.  I do like this song though.  It’s got an ethereal beat and I like the way he says the title during the chorus (which he repeats 4 times).

“A Hopeful Transmission” – A 30 second instrumental.

“Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” – Another “classic Coldplay” sound.  This is an uptempo rocker with a catchy chorus and guitar riff.

“Up With The Birds” – A slow track that starts off with just Chris and piano, builds some acoustic guitar and by the end of the song, it’s a full Coldplay production before giving way to just piano.

Overall, the album is a little uneven and I haven’t really analyzed the lyrics yet (though I’ve never considered Chris Martin to be a really great lyricist), but I find myself not disliking the record entirely on first listen.  In fact, I like about half of the album a lot after the first listen.  I’m sure the Rihanna track and some of the slower songs will not have a home on a G playlist, but I can definitely see myself enjoying the faster and rockier tracks in the coming days and weeks.   I know there are a lot of Coldplay die-hards that will probably attack me for not loving every second, but there’s a reason this site is called According 2 G. Have you heard the album yet?  Let us know what you think.

“Mylo Xyloto” by Coldplay is released on October 25, 2011.



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