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Make Less Than $1,137,684 a Year? Congratulations! You're One of the 99%

Wow!  #OccupyWallStreet which started in New York and is spreading rapidly all over major cities across the world, is, in a word – overwhelming.  I visited the protest on October 9, 2011 (for the first of what will be many times) and I feel so many things, I don’t even know where to begin!  I am going to tell you my observations and I recommend passing this on.  If this is your first introduction to the world According2g, please know that I try very hard not to watch the news.  I find it to be mostly doom and gloom and it attempts to keep people stupid so they stay subservient to “the man.”  I’ve also been saying for years that it’s my view that 1% of the world is controlling the other 99%.  (See my predictions written in March 2010).  I’ve written that on this site many times with the hopes that if I’ve made at least one person think differently, I’ve done something positive for the world.  I’ve often thought that as soon as people awaken to this idea, radical change will take place.  After going to downtown New York and visiting the #OccupyWallStreet movement, I truly think change is going to happen – and soon!

I Can't Vote But I Can Tell This Is Bullshit

#OccupyWallStreet is a movement of people gathered peacefully in the financial district of New York who have frankly had it with the following:

-Corporate Greed


-People treating each other like shit for oil or money


-Corporations screwing workers and rewarding executives

-Being lied to by the government

The list of grievances goes on.  In the past, I’ve seen protesters who still sugar coat the issues and after awhile, after seeing little or no progress, they just give up.  Something to me seems different about #OccupyWallStreet.  People are being explicit about what is wrong and suggestions are being made on how to fix it.  Thousands of people are gathered in a park down the street from the new World Trade Center and it’s the closest I’ve ever seen to a 1960’s style Love-In.  For now, the protesters are peaceful.  In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before some shit goes down.

The Revolution of Ideas has Already Started and No One Is Going To Stop Us

I am not trying to scare people.  These are my observations.   I have experienced a lot of things in my life and I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on here.  The protesters are up front and to the point about what is no longer working in society.  Antiquated rules and laws are protecting 1% of the population while the other 99% are struggling.  This needs to change – and right now!  Somehow, we’ve all been aware of this in one way or another, but usually people just complain to each other and accept our fates.  #OccupyWallStreet is spreading a message that we are not going to sit back any more.  We the people are going to take over the wheel, so to speak, and take back what belongs to us.  Will this be peaceful?  Who can say?  I unfortunately envision that someone or some people will be at the wrong place at the wrong time and there will be bloodshed.  There are tons of police on duty by the protesters and at some point, it’s inevitable that someone will make the first move.  Will an event such as that be the catalyst that brings about change?  We are at war, and in war, soldiers have to die for the greater good.  It’s not the optimal solution obviously, but look back in history and it’s happened since people started writing it down.


It’s interesting that as someone who has been looking forward to social change for a long time, it’s sort of scary and exciting to be on the brink of something that has the possibility of making a lot of our dreams and visions come true.  I felt a range of emotions when I went to visit #OccupyWallStreet.  I am so happy that people are finally bonding together.  I am excited that people are coming out of the dark and speaking up about the injustices of the world.  People of all ages, races, creeds, colors and religious beliefs are finally joining together as one!  It’s almost too surreal to believe.

We Need a Bridge, Not a Wall

Remember, all it takes is a major walk out by the “worker bees” in corporations across the world and life as everyone knows it will cease to exist, forcing a new way of life into existence.  The fat cats running things might be reaping all the rewards, but they are surely not doing all the work.  They thought they could keep us ignorant, but everyone has figured it out and change is on the horizon. If 99% of the population stops paying their taxes (for useless laws and restrictions that the government is trying to force on us), it’s all over for them.  They cannot exist if WE don’t support them.  WE the people are enabling the government to oppress us!  That’s about to come to a screeching halt!  It can happen so easily and it looks like it’s happening, so these are some things you should start thinking about if you haven’t already done so.  Judging by the enthusiasm the people have to reclaim our world, this is a very interesting time to be alive.  We outnumber Them.

Mr. Obama Tear Down This Wall

As you look at a selection of photos, please think about what is about to happen.  If a tiny percentage of corporate greed was distributed amongst the people, there wouldn’t be anyone starving on this planet.  The major problem is that people haven’t made it a priority.  Politicians who have claimed to be looking out for the people have only been looking out for themselves all this time and the people are awakening from a global golden slumber.  There has been so much corruption throughout history in the governments and for generation after generation, the people just kept their mouths shut and took it.  That is all over with.  The time is now for change!  Don’t get left behind.

Investigate US Government War Crimes and Torture

The people need to unplug from their electronics, put down their devices and take action.  If you don’t like the way something is in this world – it is your responsibility to help fix it.  No matter what happens with the #OccupyWallStreet movement and the #Occupy movements happening in various cities, one thing is clear – change can and will be made if everyone steps up and comes together.  It’s very exciting.

Fix The System!

Here’s a piece I wrote on the dangers of Hydrofracking back in January.

Stop Fracking!

Please spread the word.  Change is here!

And voices come out of the Darkness

Below are more pictures from #OccupyWallStreet.   You can see that it’s a peaceful demonstration, but make no mistake – the people are fed up with the “old rules” and new possibilities are being created!


Social Revolution is Human Evolution.  That pretty much sums it up!

Social Revolution is Human Evolution

Stop Capitalism

One Liberty Plaza


I Can't Hurt Another Without Hurting Myself

No Negative Energy in This Area

“Hey Bloomberg and similar ilk – Come and chat with the people you claim to represent.”  Politicians and other members of the 1% are going to claim that these demonstrations are bad for the world. They will make up a barrage of reasons why these protests are bad – but guess what?  The executives who are making all the rules we have to live by have not been “in the trenches” for so long, they really have no idea what’s going on.  When great people are unable to find jobs in this world and corporate fat cats who don’t do a damned thing except collect fat paychecks are in charge, I guarantee that they are not looking out for you.  They are looking out for them!  It does not take a scientist to figure that out.

Wall Street Is Bullshit

Let’s toast the rich with our choice of cocktail.

When There Is Nothing Left All We'll Have Is To Kill And Eat The Rich

Again, we can all hope for a peaceful solution to these horrible problems we are facing, but I really think if nothing changes, there’s going to be some blood shed.  It’s up to all of us to find a happy medium.  Deny it all you want – a war has begun.

Silence = Consent

Silence = Consent.  Raise your voices.  Take action.  Change is near!

We Are The 99%

We are the 99%.  The 1% of the world who have controlled everything for our lives are about to be toppled. Do not forget that.  Please pass this on.  Self-expression is the new street art!  The new world is coming and it belongs to us!


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  • Hakim Majeed said,

    I am one of the 99% and I like and support this effort. I ALSO APPRECIATE THOSE WHO HAVE THE RIGHT INTENTIONS WHO GO OUT IN THE STREETS AND PROTEST. Please keep up the good work and keep me posted with any information which you feel I need here in the Atlanta, GA area.