Covered: Gregory Siff on LA Canvas

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Photo of the November/December issue of LA Canvas by G.  Art by Gregory Siff.

November/December 2011 issue of LA Canvas featuring the art of Gregory Siff!

Los Angeles!  Make sure you pick up a copy of the November/December issue of LA Canvas as it features the art of Gregory Siff on the cover!  It’s sure to be a collectors item because Gregory rules!  I couldn’t think of a nicer way to kick off a short visit to Los Angeles.  There’ll be lots more pictures of LA street art in the coming days, so watch this space and stay tuned!

LA: Save The Date – “Layers” by Thank You X and Can’t Stop Goodboy

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Photo courtesy of X.

"Layers" Opening December 9, 2011 at Design Matters in Los Angeles

 Los Angeles!  I’m about to tell you about an art opening you won’t want to miss.  But don’t thank me, Thank You!  On December 9, 2011, Design Matters (located at 10590.5 West Pico Blvd) presents “Layers” featuring art from Thank You X and Can’t Stop Goodboy.

The opening will commence from 7-10 PM on December 9, 2011 and is by invitation only.  Get on the list by RSVP’ing to

If you attend, please send us pictures!

Thank You!


Questions and Answers with Street Artist Kai Aspire

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Art by Kai Aspire.

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve surely seen the work of Kai Aspire.  His iconic parody of the Marlboro Red cigarette pack (Morons – see pictures below) has been pasted everywhere!  His art has made the leap from the streets to the galleries, but little is known about Kai Aspire – until now!  I recently sat down with the reclusive artist and he answered a few questions.  Enjoy!

Morons by Kai. Photo by Kong

According2G: Tell us a little bit about your background including how you got started in street art?

Kai:I grew up in a house full of art, so technically speaking it’s in my “blood.” I think I got into street art when I was around 12 years old. I surfed, skated, snowboarded, and that kind of stuff and street art always has some kind of connection to those activities, but the real game changer was seeing Banksy’s show in LA. I didn’t even know it was street art, I looked at it and thought it was extremely clever and well put together.

Photo by Birdman

A2G: Who are some of your heroes/influences?

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Happy 82nd Birthday, Dick Clark

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Photo and autograph courtesy of my very large in-person autograph collection.

Dick Clark

The world’s favorite New Year’s Eve personality, Dick Clark turns 82 today and we wish him a very happy birthday.  I’ve met Dick Clark many times and he’s always extremely nice.  Until some recent health problems, the man never looked like he aged at all.  If it was plastic surgery, he should have let all of his celebrity friends know the name of his doctor, because people way younger than him look much worse!  I loved when he hosted American Bandstand and I learned about so much great music because of that show!  Thanks Dick and many happy returns!

RIP Sunset 5 Laemelle Theatre

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Photo by G.

The Sunset 5 Laemelle Theatre on Sunset and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles

The end of an era!  The Sunset 5 Laemelle Theatre on Sunset and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles has closed its doors as of 11/29/11.  It was a lucky coincidence that I happened to go to the movies there on its final day (to see the new Almodovar movie).  I have seen so many films at the Sunset 5, I’ll really miss the theatre.  It will become a Sundance Theatre in the not so distant future.  RIP Sunset 5.  Thanks for the memories.

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