A Quick Pic With Sheila E.

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Photo by G.

Sheila E and Geoffrey Dicker
Sheila E and G

Wednesday like a river!  I love Sheila E. so much!  I’ve been a fan of her music since her brilliant debut album “The Glamorous Life” was released in 1984. Her next few albums “Romance 1600,” “Sheila E. (also known as “The White Album”) and “Sex Cymbal” have been in high rotation with me for over 20 years.  In that time, I’ve seen and met Sheila E. so many times and as I am writing this, something so obvious that I’ve never thought about occurred to me – Sheila E. has NEVER let me down.  Whether you are listening to her albums, seeing her in concert or meeting her in person, Sheila E. delivers!  In concert, Sheila is one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen.  She’s so good, she can even kick Prince’s ass!  Yes.  I said it (because it’s true).  But that’s not all!  You’ve not lived unless you’ve seen a legendary percussion “battle” with her brother Peter Michael Escovedo.  Though I could stop right there, I will not.  Sheila E. is not just all great music and live performance.  She donates so much time and energy into great causes such as the Elevate Hope Foundation and as if it was not enough to be inspired by her music, her humanitarian efforts are so commendable.

I could go on and on about how much I love Sheila, but you came here to get the story behind this great picture you see above.  On Wednesday, November 2, 2011, Sheila E. tweeted that she was in New York, gave a location and a time and told her fans to stop by for a “quick pic.”  I think you know the next part of the story.  True to her word, Sheila arrived and all it took was me saying “I read your Tweets this morning” and she laughed and got in position for a “quick pic.”  How cool is that?  SO cool, according2g.  Sheila E. and The E-Family have a new album out called “Now and Forever,” and you know it’s going to be good, because like I said before – Sheila E. does not disappoint!  Find out more on Sheila E.’s official website.  Thanks again Sheila for ALWAYS being so great in every way!

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