An Encounter with Peter Gabriel

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Peter Gabriel and Geoffrey Dicker

Peter Gabriel and Geoffrey Dicker

I don’t know what to say about Peter Gabriel other than he is one of my music gods.  I’ve had more good times to his music than I can even say.  When I first heard his album “3” (aka “Melt” aka “Peter Gabriel”), with a little help from my friends, I can truly say that my life was changed that night.  Songs like “Here Comes the Flood,” I can listen to endlessly (and have) and of course, his music videos such as “Sledgehammer” and “Big Time” rank amongst my favorite videos of all time.  I met him prior to his hour long performance on Live on Letterman in New York.  That theater is magical to me as well as it’s the theater where the Ed Sullivan Show was taped and in addition to all the amazing guests David Letterman’s had over the years, The Beatles and The Doors have also played in that room! 

Back to Peter Gabriel.  When he arrived for the performance, surprisingly, I was the only person waiting to meet him (which actually made the experience even better).  A security guard tried to block me from meeting one of my idols, and Peter Gabriel told the security guard to back off!  Could anything be better?  Peter kindly signed my “Melt” cd and was gracious enough to take a photo.  One could assume that Peter Gabriel would be a cool guy because he does so many great humanitarian efforts and has done so for most of his career, but seeing him in action is too cool for words.  I am so thankful!  Thanks Peter for the life changing experiences you’ve brought to my life (and this is another one!) and thank you for the music: past, present and future! 

Peter Gabriel has just released “New Blood,” an album of his classic songs reimagined with an orchestra.  If you’re a fan, you’re going to love this album and if you get the chance to see him perform the album live, I highly recommend it!


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