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Lindsey Buckingham 92Y

Lindsey Buckingham at the 92Y in New York

Some people will always remember the 5th of November.  I’ll always remember the 4th of November, 2011.  It’s the day that I met one of my musical gods – Lindsey Buckingham.  The 92Y in New York presented an hour and a half program called “A Conversation with Lindsey Buckingham,” and it was a die-hard fan’s dream come true.  He was interviewed by Anthony DeCurtis, who is obviously a fan of Lindsey’s music, so the discussion was relaxed, open, honest and it really felt like eavesdropping into the mind of one of the biggest musical geniuses of my lifetime.  So many questions I’ve been dying to know the answers to were answered as Lindsey Buckingham talked about everything from his love for the Brian Jones era of the Rolling Stones to the creative genius and madness of Brian Wilson to the changes of the marketability of music, some of his current favorites (including Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and Dirty Projectors), his kids listening to the music of Katy Perry to getting to and being in a place where his life is totally enriched by being a family man – which wasn’t always the case in the “glory days” of Fleetwood Mac.  He was even asked what he would have done if Fleetwood Mac didn’t happen and though Lindsey found the question to be interesting, he said it was too hard to speculate but he also reiterated the magic event of himself and Stevie Nicks getting the opportunity to become members of Fleetwood Mac and how it changed the direction their lives took.

Lindsey has a new solo album, the excellent “Seeds We Sow,” and he talked about how the album came about, as well the differences between being a solo artist and being with a super group such as Fleetwood Mac – the small machine and big machine, as he put it.  Lindsey Buckingham has clearly thought through his incredible journey and is incredibly optimistic about his outlook on life.  This conversation was very intimate and from reading recent interviews, it’s interesting to see how his words can get twisted.  For example, he prefaced rumours (pun sort of intended) of  getting back together with Fleetwood Mac and he was honest by saying, Lindsey, Stevie, Mick and John are down for it, times are being scheduled for 2012 for the Mac to get together, but also things can change because that’s just how life goes sometimes.  The press likes to turn that into definite statements.

Lindsey fans – read on – there’s info about Buckingham Nicks after the jump!

The question “what’s the status of a possible Buckingham Nicks reunion” was asked and Lindsey said he’s very open to the idea.  Once again, nothing is concrete, but possibilities that been discussed of a re-release of the album will leave the fans totally satisfied.  Some of the options are to release either extra tracks, record new songs, and do some sort of tour or at the very least a show – again, nothing is definite because he said that by this point in their careers, both Stevie and Lindsey have their own management teams and it’s hard to get a meeting of the minds on all sides.  Obviously, the politics of Rock and Roll are no different than the politics of the traditional corporate world.  Someone in the audience pointed out that the 40th Anniversary of Buckingham Nicks will be in 2 years, so if Lindsey and Stevie’s people are reading this – PLEASE get it together and don’t miss out on doing something special for the world!

Lindsey also talked about his relationship with Stevie Nicks and it sounds like it’s in a really good place.  They are both off doing their solo careers at the moment, but they also realize that there is a spark between them that will never go out and in fact, it’s way too special not to make something out of it.  But like any couple – it comes with the inevitable drama that is bound to exist between two people that have gone through an extraordinary experience together of love, loss, drugs, success and rock and roll.  Lindsey said that he and Stevie have acknowledged to each other that the Lindsey and Stevie story has many more chapters to be written – whatever those chapters are will be revealed in time!  This is great news for all of us!!

He was asked by an audience member if he’d ever consider doing a guitar-less album and Lindsey mentioned the possibility (again, this is not necessarily happening) and his interest in writing an album on piano.  He thinks it would be a rewarding and creative challenge. Fingers crossed!  He discussed the controversial (at the time) decision to follow up the blockbuster album “Rumours” with the experimental double album “Tusk” and though it sold very well by most standards, it wasn’t a runaway smash and he basically got blamed by everyone for not making “Rumours 2.”  He stuck by his artistic need to grow and upon reflection all these years later, he does not regret taking the creative risk!  Respect!

He also talked about not intending to make the record that became “Seeds we Sow,” but the songs just came and Lindsey felt no need to keep the songs in the vaults.  As if hearing this type of information wasn’t great enough, he played 3 acoustic songs for the audience which were “Rock Away Blind,” (from “Seeds We Sow”) which he said he’d never played live before, the Rolling Stones cover “I am Waiting” (from “Under the Skin”) and “Big Love.”  It was asked that if someone were discovering his music for the first time, the song he would recommend them to start with is the acoustic version of “Big Love.”

I was fortunate enough to meet Lindsey before the program and he was so cool!  I had the chance to tell him how much I love him and he was very nice!  I’m proud of myself for keeping it together because after meeting him, I was in a state of bliss for the rest of the evening.  His music has meant so much to my life and getting to hear him fill in the holes of many of the things I’ve always wondered about his life and music makes me love him even more.  I cannot say enough how grateful I am for such a positive experience and this will be a night I never forget.  Thank you Lindsey for being such a positive influence and inspiration in my life!  If you don’t have his most recent three solo albums (“Under The Skin,” “Gift of Screws” and “Seeds We Sow”), which to me fit together as a cohesive triple record, I cannot recommend them enough.

Lindsey Buckingham and Geoffrey Dicker

Lindsey Buckingham and Geoffrey Dicker

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  • Ryan Ward said,

    This is a great piece for Buckingham fans! I am completely envious! I briefly met Lindsey during the “Under the Skin” and “Gift of Screws” tours. He signed my Renaissance guitar, by Rick Turner. I am still in awe! He has been a tremendous mentor for my guitar playing for at least 14 of my 22 years of playing.

    That is incredible that he pulled out “Rock Away Blind,” since that has been a track a lot of audience members, including myself (Atlanta show) have been requesting. However, I am just ecstatic that he released another beautiful album and is continuing a passion and lifestyle of music that I could only dream of. Take care and play on!

    Please check out my homages to Lindsey:

  • Kaitlyn said,

    thanks for such a great review of this event. It sounds like he was candid and open, which is not always the case with Lindsey’s interviews. So amazing the things he had to say. Rock Away Blind live…mind-blowing just from what I heard from the download! Great photo as well.

  • Jeff B. said,

    Good job with the review. Sounds like it was a great night. Would love to see a complete transcript of the interview if it exists.