Review: The Drums Live at Bowery Ballroom

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Jonny Pierce of The Drums

November 2, 2011 was a great day!  In the same night, I got to go to my two favorite venues in New York City: Mercury Lounge (for the early show to see VV Brown) and Bowery Ballroom to see The Drums (who went on around 11 PM, for those seeing them later this week).  I saw The Drums a year ago as part of CMJ and I loved their show a lot.  There have been some personnel changes within the band and whoever said “change is good” sure knows what they are talking about.  The Drums added a new bass player, switched drummer Connor Hanwick to guitar and added a new drummer.  I think The Drums sound better than ever and in fact, the live versions of the songs they played from their albums “the Drums” and “Portamento” sounded better to me than the studio versions.  It was as if the band grew into these songs and each track was stronger, punchier and more dance-oriented than the album versions (read: please release a live album!)

The Drums

Lead singer Jonny Pierce’s stage presence last night was reminiscent of the glory days of Morrissey as he swayed to the beat and delivered his moody, but brilliant lyrics about breaking up, money and death.  Pierce told the crowd that the band is winding down from their North American tour before playing the non-album track “I Felt Stupid.”  Other highlights included great versions of their “Portamento” songs “Money,” “I Need a Doctor” and “If He Likes It Let Him Do It.”  The crowd of course lost their minds during songs such as “it Will All End In Tears,” “The Future” and “Best Friend,” which Jonny Pierce dedicated to his dead best friend.  The Drums are playing a few shows this week, but they are all sold out so do what you need to do and see them!

See the set list after the jump.

The Drums Setlist at Bowery Ballroom on November 2, 2011

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