According2g’s 2011 Man of the Year: Mark Kostabi

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Photo by Tres.

G with Mark Kostabi

G with Mark Kostabi

In 2011, I was extremely blessed to meet so many talented people in the world of the arts.  One of the coolest people I was fortunate enough to meet this year was artist Mark Kostabi.  I’d been a fan of his work for a long time and our places of birth are in the same state – California.  It took living in New York to get the chance to meet Mark and the bond we formed has been a true highlight of my year.  Aside from the fact that Mark Kostabi is a very talented artist, he is also an accomplished composer, game show host (yes, that’s right!), and has been the subject of many fascinating documentaries.  His uncompromising position about telling the truth in the art world is nothing short of inspiring.  He’s done it his way and while that has resulted in many career ups and downs, he currently lives a fabulous jet setting life in both Europe and the United States!

Speaking with Mark is a pleasure as he is so knowledgable about art.  By the end of a conversation with him, your brain jots down mental notes of artists to research and if you do the work, you’ll tremendously expand your artistic vocabulary.  I am so grateful that Mark Kostabi has made me feel so welcome in his Chelsea studio, Kostabi World, which is filled from ceiling to floor with his great art.  I’ve had the pleasure to visit Kostabi World several times this year and I really look forward to spending more time there in 2012.

During a visit earlier in 2011, Mark signed one of his coffee table books for me with such a beautiful message, it is one of my most prized possessions (and coming from me, that is saying a lot!)  You must see the film “Con Artist” which is a great document of a great man – According2g’s 2011 Man of the Year – Mark Kostabi.

Thanks Mark!  Words can’t even express how grateful I am!  If you don’t know the work and life of Mark Kostabi, I encourage you to change that right now and I hope your life will be as enriched by his work as mine is.

Thanks Mark!

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