Alter “The Star Spangled Banner,” Get Fined?

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US Flag

US Flag before being occupied by China

It’s stories like this that make me say “when there’s blood on the streets, we had it coming!”

It’s 2012.  Things in the world are more messed up than ever.  People are losing everything due to a really horrible economy.  The tension across the world is causing Mother Nature to react with more natural disasters than ever and there’s a feeling in the air that something really bad will happen before anything gets better.  Though it’s been obvious all these years, people are starting to protest the fact that our governments and news media are lying and have been lying to our faces.  Better yet, people are starting to stand up to it.   You’d think this global feeling would put politicians on their best behaviours as it seems their days in the sun are numbered.  You’d think that world leaders would get together and try and make a better world for the people they are supposed to be protecting. Not so in Indiana.

US Senator Vaneta Becker from Indiana has NOTHING BETTER TO DO than to gain a little press by trying to address her version of the worst atrocity known to man – rock stars altering the lyrics to the “Star Spangled Banner.” She hopes to impose a fine if people get the words wrong to this time honored classic.  The fact this even makes the news is ridiculous in light of the REAL problems going on in the world. The fact that the people of Indiana don’t march right over to her office and depose her INSTANTLY just shows that people are still sheep.  Just give the masses something to suck on and they’ll go away.  People are waking up, they just need a leader to follow.  It’s gonna happen Vaneta, whether it’s to you or one of your colleagues and on that day, I hope the last sounds you hear are groups of people singing the words to this archaic song incorrectly right in your face! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!  And tax payers, don’t forget, you are spending a good chunk of your paycheck to let people sit around and debate something this unimportant.  It’s time for a change!

Pass it on….

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