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Hey music lovers.  Commit this name to memory: Kimbra.  She’s going to be HUGE!  The New Zealand singer performed a way sold out show at New York’s Mercury Lounge on March 26, 2012 – her 22nd birthday.  Her music has elements of pop, jazz and dance and oh, what a voice!  At times I was reminded of Amy Winehouse and at other times I heard a Bjork-ish quality and also you could hear elements of Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine in her singing.  Looking sexy as hell wearing a Flamenco-style red dress, she shook her money maker throughout her hour long set.  She’s currently on tour with Gotye and the pair are blowing up the music world with their duet “Someone That I Used To Know.”  I first discovered Kimbra on the amazing Miami Horror modern disco track “I Look To You,” and I have to say, I love her versatility in so many different styles of music.


One of the songs she performed tonight was “Plain Gold Ring,” a Nina Simone cover and this girl can SANG, as they say.  Wow!  She blew the roof off Mercury Lounge and the crowd erupted in screams when the song was finished.  She also played “Cameo Lover,” “Two Way Street” and “Settle Down” from her album “Vows” which is not yet released in the USA.  That didn’t stop the audience from singing along to every word! Kimbra told the crowd how happy she was to be playing for us and the audience more than returned the love.  At the beginning of the show, she had to take a puff from her asthma inhaler and she asked the crowd if anyone out there had asthma.  A smattering of cheers were heard and Kimbra said “It sucks, doesn’t it,” before launching into another song and singing the hell out of it!


She told the crowd that her album would be released in the USA in May 2012, so get ready America!  She closed with a new track called “Come into My Head” which she said would be on the US version of the album.  Before she left the stage, the audience sang her Happy Birthday and Kimbra, who lives in Australia now said that she’s having a double birthday because it’s now another day in her home city.   Could there be a better way to celebrate your birthday?  Doubtful! I chatted with Kimbra after the show and wished her a happy birthday in person.  What a sweet lady.  I wished her great success and I have no doubt that she will attain it!

See the set list after the jump.

Kimbra Set List

Kimbra Set List at Mercury Lounge on March 26, 2012. Now property of the G Archives.


Kimbra and Geoffrey Dicker

Kimbra and Geoffrey Dicker

Thanks again Kimbra for a great show and for being so sweet!  I am so excited for your career!

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  • April said,

    That’s my favorite Nina SImone song – I have to check her out!