Your (sic) Never Too Young To Dream Big

Posted by The G on March 9, 2012 under Street Art | 4 Comments to Read

Photo by G.

Your Never Too Young To Dream Big

Your (sic) Never Too Young To Dream Big

A quick lesson:  “your” is possessive.  “you’re” is short for “you are.”

In a sentence, “You’re an idiot if you’re not aware that there is no apostrophe needed when you’re talking about your personal belongings.”

Got it?

Please don’t make me repeat myself!

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  • Blablabla said,

    This was possibly intentional, since the person who is writing it is a little girl.
    Context, man. Context…

  • The G said,

    You’re missing the point. Bad grammar is not good at ANY age!

  • Paul said,

    You made an error of your own G!

    “You’re an idiot if if —”


  • The G said,

    That was done for effect (seriously)… but realizing this will be online until the end of time, I will fix. 🙂