Review: Alabama Shakes live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Alabama Shakes

Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes

If you are not familiar with Alabama Shakes, I reckon you sure will be by the end of 2012!  The quartet (quintet if you include their touring keyboard player) from Athens, Alabama rocked the house at a very sold out show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on April 12, 2012.  Lead singer Brittany Howard is also a name you are soon to become well acquainted with as her vocals are like a cross between Betty Davis (not the actress, Miles’ ex-wife – look her up!) and Adele.  Musically, Alabama Shakes fuses elements of southern rock, blues and soul and when you put that combination together, you get a rockin’ good time!

Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes

Their debut album “Boys and Girls” was released this week and it’s going to be a smash.  The Shakes (as they are sometimes known) played the record to an adoring crowd, who sang along to the words of nearly every track!  Lead singer Brittany Howard played guitar and also delivered an extremely powerful vocal performance where just from watching the show, you can tell she’s going to be a star!  She thanked the crowd for us coming out to see Alabama Shakes and she said that it seems hard for her to believe that she’s in New York performing songs that were written in their bedrooms in Alabama.  She better get used to it because in a matter of no time, they are going to be playing huge venues.

It's Brittany, Bitch!

If you head over to Alabama Shakes’ official site (link is above), you can download a free mp3 of their song “Heavy Chevy” in exchange for your email address.  Highly recommended!  I am looking forward to watching Alabama Shakes shake up and take up the music world.

See the setlist after the jump.

Alabama Shakes Set List

Alabama Shakes Set List at Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York on April 12, 2012.

I met the band after the show and they were all so gracious and thankful that I came.  Thank YOU, Alabama Shakes!  Here’s a photo with Brittany Howard.  Thanks again Brittany!  I am looking forward to your success!

Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and Geoffrey Dicker

Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and Geoffrey Dicker

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