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May 1st General Strike

May 1st General Strike - PASS IT ON!!!!!!

Listen up New York!  We are ALL sick of the way things have become.  There’s no doubt about that.  Up until now, all we do is complain and just accept our miserable fate that nothing can be done about it.  We’ve made excuses up the wazoo and when organizations like Occupy Wall Street came around and POINTED OUT clearly that WE the masses are in control instead of the 1% of the population that are running everything and effectively making us all modern day slaves and what happened?  The media took control of the situation, like they’ve been doing since their inception to keep us stupid and afraid and mocked the efforts of OWS.  What happened after that?  Everyone became complacent again.  Well guess what?  Change IS happening whether you are on board or not.

My suggestion: turn off your goddamned television that has made non-talented hacks like the Kardashian clan allowed to swim in the same pool as legendary artists and WAKE THE FUCK UP!  YOU are on board that train wreck you can’t seem to take your eyes off of, so STOP COMPLAINING AND TAKE ACTION!

If you make less than $1,137,684 per year, you are one of the 99%!  What does that mean?  99% of the people are being controlled by 1% of the population.  WE can SQUASH them without really trying.

But WE are going to try.  Here’s some more statistics:

New York has 34,500 police officers.

There are over 8 Million people in the city of Manhattan.

There is a general strike on May 1, 2012.

No school.  No work.  Take to the streets!!!!!



Don’t wait for some greedy politician to promise to bring change.  BRING IT YOURSELF!  STAND UP!  RISE UP!!!!

Let’s bring a peaceful solution to this upcoming revolution!

PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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