Review: Scissor Sisters Preview “Magic Hour” Songs at Bowery Ballroom

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Jake Shears

Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters

Let’s have a kiki!  It pleases me to no end to say the following sentence:  Scissor Sisters are back!  One of the most fun bands you will ever see live previewed songs from their upcoming album “Magic Hour” at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on May 6, 2012.  I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve seen Scissor Sisters in concert (and it has to be over 20 times by this point), but one thing always remains – their shows are always a damn good time!  Playing a nice mix of tracks from each of their albums (including the non-US album track “The Skins”), Scissor Sisters rocked the socks off the audience at Bowery Ballroom!

Ana Matronic

Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters

Jake Shears and Ana Matronic mentioned how Bowery Ballroom is their favorite place in New York to play (and to see concerts as well) and I have to agree.  It’s hard to have a bad time at the legendary venue.  A great time was had by all tonight which included many familiar faces such as Jonathan Pierce from The Drums, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and actress Susan Sarandon.  The Sisters played 7 new songs from their upcoming album “Magic Hour” (which will be released at the end of May 2012) including the first two singles “Only The Horses” and the rap-infused track “Shady Love.” The dance party/answering machine message “Let’s Have A Kiki” was also played and included a great choreographed routine with Jake and the back-up singers (see photo below).  “Keep Your Shoes On” is a dance track that is destined to become a Scissor Sisters classic. “Years of Living Dangerously” is a slower song that the audience was definitely vibing to and “Baby Come Home” has a groove similar to “Laura.”

Let's Have a Kiki!

A video of another new song “Inevitable” will be coming soon, so please bookmark this site and visit often (shameless plug – however, it’s hard to deny that I provide great and exclusive content 7 days a week!) Sandwiched in between the new songs (all of which made their US live debut), were classic Scissor Sisters songs such as their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb,” “Take Your Mama,” “Mary,” “Invisible Light,” “Skin This Cat,” “Kiss You Off,” “Any Which Way,” “Music is the Victim,” and “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’.”

Del Marquis

Del Marquis

I saw a lot of fellow die-hard Scissor Sisters fans at the show and their energy and enthusiasm for this band is unparalleled.  In turn, the band returns the love of their fans and I must say that Scissor Sisters are the nicest band in rock and roll.  They are always happy to meet fans, sign their stuff, take photos and answer any questions their fans might have.  In addition to their great music and their ridiculously fun shows, that’s reason enough to always support and see this band!

Jake Shears and Baby Daddy

Jake Shears and Baby Daddy

Thanks again to Scissor Sisters for another great show and they’ll be back in the States in the summer so do not miss them at any cost when they come to your town!

See the set list after the jump.

Scissor Sisters May 6 2012 Bowery Ballroom Setlist

Scissor Sisters May 6, 2012 Bowery Ballroom Setlist



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  • April said,

    OMG sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!!

  • G said,

    Your presence was missed but definitely felt April! xo