RIP Donna Summer

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Photo of Google Images of Donna Summer by G.

RIP Donna Summer

RIP Donna Summer

The Queen of Disco is dead!  Donna Summer died at age 63 of cancer according to the internet (so it must be true).  I was never the world’s biggest Donna fan, but I did like “She Works Hard For the Money,” “I Feel Love” and “Love To Love You Baby.”   I found it hard to get over that Donna, who remained in the spotlight long after disco died, owed a great deal of that success to her gay audience and rather than be grateful, she was influenced by conservative religious beliefs and allegedly said that AIDS was a divine punishment to gays for their immoral lifestyle.  Rather than EVER apologize, she instead denied over and over ever saying it.  Can’t help but wonder if those words haunted her to her dying day.  While Donna has done her last dance on earth, she’s now in the club of immortals who’ll be disco dancing eternally.  RIP, Donna!

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