An Encounter with Al Jourgensen of Ministry

Posted by The G on June 24, 2012 under Encounters with G | 2 Comments to Read

Photo by G.

Al Jourgensen of Ministry and Geoffrey Dicker

Al Jourgensen of Ministry and Geoffrey Dicker

The other day I met Al Jourgensen, lead singer of the epic Industrial metal band Ministry.  Al’s career in music spans over 30 years!  Before Ministry turned goth, they were a new wave dance band and their first album “With Sympathy” is a 180 degree turn from the musical direction the band would take.  Al has publicly condemned this record many times over the years, but do you think that stopped me from trying to get the album signed?  I have no fear and when I asked Al to sign the album, he knocked it out of my hand to the ground and said “I don’t sign that shit!  I can’t believe you have that garbage!”  I told him that I thought it was a great record and he was less than amused.  He was totally cool though and posed for a photo with me and I walked off into the sun-baked day singing “Jesus Built My Hotrod.”  Thanks Al!

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  • Teryo Law said,

    Al is so fucking cool. The guy is like what, 50, and still gets a tattoo on his forehead and new piercings all over his face. I love that he doesn’t give a shit what society thinks, he truly is a inspiration in that regard.

    And haha wow! What a story. Really nice of him to still pose with you for a picture after you insulted him like that. 😀

  • CC said,

    The face of insanity, mental illness and drug abuse.