An Encounter with Sylvia Browne

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Photo by Sylvia Browne’s friend.

Geoffrey Dicker and Sylvia Browne

Geoffrey Dicker and Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne!  The psychic and spiritual medium was in town to celebrate her 50th anniversary in the “biz.”  I know that some people get very touchy on the subject of psychics and spirituality, but like I always say, keep the parts that work for you and discard the rest.  Not everyone is 100% “on it” about every topic.  Sylvia Browne’s writings found their way to me when I was not as clear about life as I am now and many of her words resonated with me and in fact made me start to practice some of these “new” concepts to me.  Seeing results led me to dig deeper and because of her works helping to “open the door to new possibilities” for me, I can say without a doubt that my life is a better place.  For that, I am more grateful than you can put into words.   Thank you Sylvia!  A lot of people wanted to ask questions about their future, but when I had the chance to ask Sylvia a question it was “do you mind if we take a photo together?”  As you can see above, I received the answer I was hoping for!  🙂  Thanks again Sylvia!

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  • Gail said,

    I wonder if she already knew you were going to ask.