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Sales Gallery

Sales Gallery

Hey Art Lovers!

Are you frustrated that you have an art budget, but don’t know who to spend it on or how to acquire works?

Have no fear!   According To G’s art collection curation services are here!

I am very well versed in the areas of modern art and street art and I’ve been doing some consulting that has matched collectors and art lovers with some works they might not have known about otherwise.  After writing about hundreds of modern art shows around the world, I think you’ll agree that I know what I am talking about.

If you hate dealing with galleries – because let’s face it – not all but a lot of galleries are filled with pretentious pricks (you know who you are!) who make the art purchasing process a total nightmare.  There’s a good chance I can put you in touch with the gallerist or artist you are interested in for a nominal fee.  I can’t promise to get you a Picasso for $100, but I can turn you onto some artists that you are unaware of that just might rock your world!  I’m located in New York and have relationships with the majority of galleries and artists in the area.

Get in touch with me at for more information and let’s build your art collection!

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