Common Cents Makes A Mural – Action Shots

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Photos by G.  Art by Common Cents.

Common Cents

Common Cents

It was my great fortune that on a recent trip to Los Angeles, I was hanging out with the hardest working person in Street Art – Greg of the website Melrose & Fairfax – and on a walk around the neighborhood, another great friend to the blog, Common Cents, was putting up a mural!


Common said that he’d been putting up the backdrop – comic book pages (and there were hundreds of comic book pages used) – for over 7 hours by the time we happened by!

Common Cents

Common Cents in action

As this is a “legal” mural, Common said that it was a nice feeling to not have to constantly look over his shoulder whilst putting up art.  When you think of the you think about the organization it takes to have your materials in order, to get over your fear of heights and to put up art on the sly at all hours of the night as most street artists do, it makes you realize that the only thing criminal about this activity is that law enforcement thinks it’s wrong!  I have tremendous respect for artists that go to these length to express themselves and I think it should be celebrated instead of being condemned!  RESPECT!

Double Action Shot! Greg photographing Common Cents.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, check out this really awesome mural on Spaulding and Melrose.

Thanks to Common Cents and Greg for an unexpected and fabulous surprise!


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