Fear Google!

Posted by The G on June 18, 2012 under Street Art | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.  Art by Xvala.  Tag by Backfat.

Fear Google, Backfat

Fear Google, Backfat

Here’s something to fear:

In addition to the fact that it’s probably not necessary to have THIS much information at our fingertips, now that we’ve gotten used to it, a report from Google that was released today says that governments INCLUDING the United States have been asking for information (and/or videos on youtube) to be censored from Google searches.

As much as I dislike CNN for being a harbinger of propaganda in the opposite direction of progress, at least they are reporting this story (which means it’s probably 1000 times worse than they are saying!)

Here’s what I have to say about censorship – FUCK CENSORSHIP!

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  • Gail said,

    Fear Backfat.